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The SAN ANTONIO, Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys Sullivan and Associates have handled over 4000 cases and have a collective 55 years experience defending adults and juveniles in criminal, juvenile, and family courts in BEXAR County and throughout the State of Texas.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas Lawyer Jim Sullivan is Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the State of Texas.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Jim Sullivan and Associates  represent clients charged with crimes in State courts in Houston, Galveston,  Beaumont, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Sherman, Del Rio, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen, El Paso, Hempstead and all counties in Texas. The law firm of Sullivan and Associates is located near FM 1960 in northwest Houston, Texas; however, Attorney Jim Sullivan appears in all criminal, juvenile, and family courts in Texas.

BEXAR County Criminal Defense Attorneys Jim Sullivan and Associates have over 55 years collective experience representing persons accused of committing criminal violations of State law.  Together, Sullivan and Associates have been the attorneys of record in over 4000 cases and are anticipating their 1000th case dismissal.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas Criminal Attorneys Jim Sullivan and Associates treat every person they represent as if they were a friend and neighbor. When you call, likely Jim Sullivan or an associate will answer your call themselves. You will be dealing with Attorneys, not secretaries, assistants, or answering machines.

If we can be of any assistance, or you just want to talk about your situation, please call Bexar County Criminal Defense Attorneys Jim Sullivan and Associates at 281-546-6428.
Bexar ( pronounced “Bear”) County was originally home to over 125 small independent Native American tribes  known collectively as the Coahuiltechans.
European visitors arrived as early as the 1520s, but on June 13, 1691, a formal Spanish expedition reached a waterway in the southern part of present-day Bexar County.
As this day was the Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua, the priest Damien Massanet, who was traveling with the expedition, named the river “San Antonio.”
Along the San Antonio River, the Franciscans established five Missions that would become the foundation of the City of San Antonio and Bexar County.
100 Dolorosa
San Antonio, Texas 78205
County Court 1 Judge John D. Fleming (210) 335-2571
County Court 2 Judge Jason Wolff (210) 335-2573
County Court 3 Judge David J Rodriguez (210) 335-2575
County Court 4 Judge Sarah Garrahan (210) 335-2426
County Court 5 Judge Jason Pulliam (210) 335-2567
County Court 6 Judge Wayne Christian (210) 335-2156
County Court 7 Judge Eugenia 'Genie' Wright (210) 335-2002
County Court 8 Judge Liza Rodriguez (210) 335-2005
County Court 9 Judge Walden Shelton (210) 335-2008
County Court 10 Judge Irene Rios (210) 335-2948
County Court 11 Judge Carlo Key (210) 335-2023
County Court 12 Judge Scott Roberts (210) 335-2750
County Court 13 Judge Monica Gonzalez (210) 335-2625
County Court 14 Judge Bill C. White (210) 335-6472
County Court 15 Judge Michael T. LaHood (210) 335-1200
County Court Administrator Dianne Garcia (210) 335-2115
4th Admin Judicial Region Judge David Peeples
37th Civil DC Judge David A. Berchelmann
45th Civil DC Judge Barbara Hanson Nellermoe
57th Civil DC Judge Antonia (Toni) Arteaga
73rd Civil DC Judge Renée F. McElhaney
131st Civil DC Judge John D. Gabriel
144th Criminal DC Judge Angus K. McGinty
150th Civil DC Judge Janet Littlejohn
166th Civil DC Judge Martha Tanner
175th Criminal DC Judge Mary Roman
186th Criminal DC Judge Maria Teresa (Tessa) Herr
187th Criminal DC Judge Raymond Angelini
224th Civil DC Judge Cathy Stryker
225th Civil DC Judge Peter Sakai
226th Criminal DC Judge Sid L. Harle
227th Criminal DC Judge Philip Kazen
285th Civil DC Judge Richard Price
288th Civil DC Judge Solomon J. Casseb III
289th Juvenile DC Judge Carmen Kelsey
290th Criminal DC Judge Melisa Skinner
379th Criminal DC Judge Ron Rangel
386th Juvenile DC Judge Laura Parker
399th Criminal DC Judge Juanita A. Vasquez-Gardner
407th Civil DC Judge Karen Pozza
408th Civil DC Judge Larry Noll
436th Juvenile DC Judge Lisa K. Jarrett
437th Criminal DC Judge Lori I. Valenzuela
438th Civil DC Judge Victor Negrón, Jr.
Child Support Court Associate Judge Jim Rausch
Child Support Court Associate Judge Nick Catoe
Children's Court Associate Judge Richard Garcia
Children's Court Associate Judge Charles Montemayor
Felony Drug Court Judge Ernie Glenn
Magistrate CourtJudge Andrew W. Carruthers
Civil DC Administrator Gary W. Hutton
Criminal DC Administrator Melissa Barlow Fischer
Juvenile DC Administrator Laura Angelini
Civil Jury Assignment Clerk Christina G. Torres
The Honorable Susan D. Reed Reed is the first woman to be elected District Attorney of Bexar County. Prior to her election in November of 1998, she served as Judge of the 144th District Court for 12 years.
District Attorney Reed was raised in San Antonio, Texas. She graduated from Alamo Heights High School. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Economics. She was awarded the Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law in 1974.
In addition to being licensed to practice law in Texas, she is licensed in Federal court in the Western District of Texas and the United States Supreme Court. She is board certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
The Bexar County District Attorney's Office is a team of dedicated prosecutors committed to aggressively seeking justice and the protection of the family, person and property of all the citizens of our community.
General Information:  (210) 335-2311
Monday through Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Except County Holidays